How To Build Instant Rapport (In Just 2 Sentences) With Tom Schreiter

> How To Build Instant Rapport (In Just 2 Sentences) With Tom Schreiter

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Tom Schreiter joins Will Barron on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss the importance of building rapport quickly and how to go about doing just that.

Rapport Comes First

The show is kicked off with Tom explaining the importance of rapport in the world of business. He highlights that there is no possible way to build trust or a relationship with someone if there isn’t some kind of rapport there first.

“They don’t engage with people they don’t believe” – Tom Schreiter

Tom then shares the importance of making a solid first impression. This can only come from preparing and getting yourself ready to speak to prospects before you launch your pitch at them.

“Usually their decision is almost instant” – Tom Schreiter

The show is wrapped up with Tom describing the importance of speaking to prospects who are pre-sold. There is zero point in trying to build rapport and ‘sell’ someone who isn’t interested when there are so many better opportunities out there.

Guest info:

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has 40+ years experience in network marketing and MLM. As the author of the original “Big Al” training books in the late 70s, he has continued to speak in over 80 countries on using the exact words and phrases to get prospects to open up their mind and say “YES”.
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