How To Find Working Internet Home Based Business Ideas

Because the theme is very wide and to make it interesting to you, I want to tell of my own path to pick the best home based business ideas. Everything started about my will to find simple ways to make money online.

I had no online marketing experience but strong experience from the traditional marketing, which was of great help.

I set a target to make $ 300 per month after costs, which sounded reasonable. But there was one problem, how to do it without a detailed plan for my home based business ideas.

Okay, I said to myself, think simply according to KISS method. The solution was to follow those, who had already made their own internet business opportunity as a success story.

Another big choice was to select affiliate marketing as my starting point, because there the merchant offers the full package even to a starter.

So I started to run my home based business ideas as an affiliate, using my banners, doorway pages, email series with autoresponder and joined a marketing forum to get help and new ideas. Soon I realized, that I get lots of new, working home based business ideas, which were my own ones.

Now I could test these ideas, especially products, for a home based business and keep the best ones and skip the bad ones.

I built a model for regular testing and my site for home business ideas started to look more and more personal, which was very important thinking about my own home based business opportunity brand.

During the process I found out that SEO and the article marketing were my things. I had now two important elements for the future of my home based business ideas, the strategy and the way to run and to test it in practice.

I got new ideas with a constant flow, new products, new text ideas for my home based business ideas site, new and more effective ways for promotions.

I found out that the learning happens, when the time is right but I had to learn that I have just to run promotions for my home business opportunity. Action was everything and new internet business ideas came, when the time was right.

For instance, I realized one day, that the keywords were extremely important for the site traffic. This idea led to action and I add more long tail keywords into all of my articles about my home based business ideas.

I also skipped low demand ones and concentrated bigger traffic keywords. Little by little the traffic started to grow, so this finding was right.

I thought my blog keywords also in a new way after I had tested several different kind of keywords. I found out that the blog rank best with small, low demand and long tail keywords, which started to bring a nice and regular traffic.

These were very good experiences for my home based business ideas. I now understood that the learning process never ends, because the Internet changes all the time.

This meant that I had to follow the gurus regularly and to find new, skillful marketers to follow.

All what happened, meant that the amount of strategic choices decreased and that I could just make my strategy to work better with new home based business ideas.

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