The Basics of Horticulture part 1

> The Basics of Horticulture part 1

The Basics of Horticulture part 1
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> What is Horticulture?

What is Horticulture?


First 5 video clips of students talking about horticulture major.
Woman thinning geraniums at University of Georgia (UGA) Trial Gardens Athens Campus.

University of Georgia horticulture student answering questions about UGA, in front of blooming canna lily plants in the trial garden.

Students walking around garden inspecting plants.

Female UGA horticulture student in front of hanging baskets answering questions about why she chose horticulture as her major.

Horticulture student — late afternoon/early evening dusk with car passing on street behind him.

Next 5 video clips of student, professor, and Tree ID class.
Students looking at tall shrub.

Professor inspecting leaf on tree.

Tree ID class outside asking questions of professor.

Student inspecting leaf structure of palm plant.

Class walking past white picket fence in front of large trees with bright fall leaf color.

Next 3 video clips of students working in UGA Trial Gardens.
Two students thinning geraniums in trial garden on Athens campus. Students in gazebo documenting their observations while working. Close-up of purple petunias in hanging basket. Tifton Campus greenhouse, research plots.

Women walking around the Research and Education Garden on the UGA Griffin Campus. Yellow coneflowers, fountain grass in Griffin garden. Close-up of researcher inspecting blooming red geranium plants. Tifton greenhouse with students loading plants on a cart.

Student talking about various careers available in horticulture field. Student in lab on Griffin Campus Tifton – 2 people in outdoor research plots studying plants. Panoramic of research and education garden in Griffin.

Last video clip – UGA Horticulture Garden
Overhead banner on arbor ‘Welcome to The Gardens at UGA: Research, Teaching and Crop Introduction’. Walkways, containers and raised beds of blooming flowers in the Athens garden.

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