Boost Your Credentials With Online Marketing Training

Eight in 10 people in the United States alone are sitting on their computers right now and that’s your potential market. The question is: are you practicing the right strategies to reach your target market? That is essentially how a reputable online marketing school can help you–by giving you the right tools in order to harness the inherent potential of your business; or your client’s business if you are an Internet marketer looking to improve your skills and knowledge.

Reinventing the wheel?

Actually, the training that you get from an online marketing agency is not about reinventing the wheel. You will be handed a series of practical applications that actually work in real environment, tested and proven by experts in the field. The best thing is you get access to marketing concepts that are developed by those who found success on the Internet using those same methods.

While there’s no dearth of examples of people who also found success through the DIY method, this method is not for everybody because it entails a lot of hard work and focus. Then all the odds are stacked against you especially since there’s no guarantee that what you are trying to learn will actually work.

Different strokes for different folks

I have a buddy who took online training course and he swore that it’s a scam since he learned nothing. Sounds familiar? With the ubiquity of the Internet, you are bound to stumble upon somebody who will discourage you from going to an Online Marketing School, and it’s always because they heard about it from a buddy of a buddy of theirs. All second hand information with no chance of verification.

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Even if for the sake of argument that they really took the courses and have not optimized on their knowledge, it doesn’t mean that you will also fail. Think of taking the course from an online marketing agency like going to a university where everybody has the same opportunity to learn something.

Masking weaknesses

Not everybody will perform equally in a university. You have those who are on top of the class and those who are lagging behind. If that’s the case, everybody would be millionaires by now.
However, what they learn will not immediately translate in a real setting when they graduate. True success will come to those who will apply the principles taught by the online marketing school to mask their weakness and buttress their strengths. As marketers know, it’s all about image and reputation.


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Our business model, provides the Platform, for Ordinary people, and home based entrepreneurs, to assist project creators, in ALL THREE of these Key areas.

Funding, is dramatically more accessible now, through the mechanism of reward-based crowdfunding.

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Sales revenue is driven by our highly incentivised community, through tried and true affiliate commission programs, utilizing high converting sales pages, as well as word of mouth advertising for success in both on and offline sales channels.

This allows us to Utilize the 300 Billion Dollar Direct Sales Industry to Leverage the Power of the 26 TRILLION Dollar Global RETAIL Market in order develop these projects into International Brands.

Technology today, is facilitating greater individual social reach and leverage, and when used to its full advantage, provides a Blue Ocean of opportunity, in which to monetize their activities. This will make it easier, faster, and more likely that a project will have a successful launch into the marketplace.

It is well known, that royalties are one of the ideal revenue sources in the world.

However, until now, royalties have been available only to a small segment of the population. The kulaBrands™ model is opening up an opportunity for large-scale collaboration, in generating royalty income for the masses.

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