Change in Life

Adopting to Change in Life

Life is like a moving wind, ever changing. The life we live today differs from the life we lived yesterday, and of that we will live tomorrow. But what happens when we keep looking back, and keep our eyes and minds on yesterday’s successes and failures?


Most likely our tomorrows will lose some meaning, and the happiness we could enjoy today is diminished by looking back. Do yesterday’s worries and disappointments have any role to play today or in our tomorrow? Nothing more than a lesson learned.


For example, you got fired by your boss in your place of work, or broke up from a serious relationship, or parted ways with a lifelong friend. Do these events mean that we cannot go on living? The answer better be, “NO”!


Nothing is permanent in life, and we are well aware of this. We need to be open to change, when life throws us a curve ball. Being ready to make a change could be a major factor in failing or moving on to success in one’s life.


As we drive along toward our goals and dreams, and our engine starts sputtering, we have to be ready to look under the hood to see what is happening. Making decisive changes is one of the best characteristics of a successful person.

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The ability to change and make quick decisions can be far reaching in attaining our desired goals in life. Most people who successively fail in life, have trouble adopting to the changing winds, in addition to clinging to old patterns, that are no longer useful.


There is nothing more dangerous and detrimental to a successful life, than keeping the mind glued on the past negative event, and the memories of failures.


Shut the doors on yesterday, and live your life today! Get excited about the dreams that lay ahead, and enjoy every moment of you life starting right now. And remember, there is no room for your past, in the dreams of tomorrow!


By Herb Ratsch

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