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Marketing, as contrasted to advertising, is essentially a long-term effort. It mandates a huge amount of time and effort compared to some other programs but is perhaps the most important, depending on which product or service is featured in your particular Home Business. The first step in your marketing efforts should be a business plan. And the center of your plans is a specific goal your Home Business is trying to achieve. Marketing is the vehicle that will propel your Home Business toward your goal and make the best possible use of your budget as well as the most effective use of your time. When you work as an independent consultant or home business, you alone are the sole marketer for your entity. In other words, there is not really a team to call upon for your marketing needs. And yet, you seek the exact same result, which is expanded awareness of the product or service offered by your Home Business. This being the case, then obviously a certain degree of salesmanship is essential in this ultra-competitive marketplace we are currently in, whether you business involves fly fishing in South Dakota or sailing off the South Carolina coastline. 

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of this marketing and salesmanship is the follow-up. Essentially, there is follow up with your current base and second, there is follow up with your potential customers. The fact is many businesses do not consistently follow up with their current customer base. When following up with your potential customers, or prospects, you should get a much better conversion ratio that when you first contacted them. And by no means should you neglect to follow up more than once, if necessary. You will need to decide how often you would like to follow up with your customers or prospects. You basically want your prospect to not forget about you and to have enouph time to analyze your offer. You should also have some type of tracking system in place. Be ready to send in additional information when a prospect requests it.

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