Home Businesses For The Working Mother

The appeal of network marketing for working moms is clear: You get the benefit of earned income that the work provides, but you also get to be home with your children. There are any number of businesses out there for those who want to work from home, from dog trainer to network marketer. Before choosing the right opportunity for yourself, learn what the experts say.

The first question a working mother should ask when considering home businesses is not which business is right. The first question is, “Am I right for a home business?”

Cyndi Webb, who founded the Mom’s Network, an online resource for moms who work from home, cautions that running a home business isn’t for everyone. You already know it requires hard work, but there is a unique discipline required to focus on your business when you are home with your kids.

Additionally, you must have the gumption to stick with your network marketing in the face of hardship and criticism. (Yes, criticism. Cyndi warns that friends and family may not be supportive of your entrepreneurial adventure.)

However, if a network marketing is a fit for you, the good news is there has never been a better time to work from home. The Internet makes any computer a virtual office. Your “store window” is a website, a virtual brick-and-mortar location. And while there are expenses associated with home-based businesses, they are nowhere near the costs of setting up a traditional business.

If possible, find a mentor who already is successful working from home. You want to learn from someone with experience doing what you are trying to do. They can help you be prepared for the challenges of running both a business and a home.

Be certain your spouse is fully supportive. There are many savings that those running home businesses bring to their families. No travel expense for one. Fewer wardrobe demands. (Although experts advise you to still dress for work to get in the proper mindset.) And there could be substantial savings on childcare, too.

In return, your spouse needs to be a partner in the domestic chores. Outline the duties the two of you can share to allow you more time to work on your business. The payoff can well be worth the effort you two expend.

Be sure to choose from among home businesses that suit your needs and your abilities. In other words, make sure your home business can provide the income you need from it. At the same time, only consider businesses where the actual work is something for which you have a passion and ability.

There are home businesses that you build as an entrepreneur. There are other home businesses in which you are a contractor for another business, essentially an employee at home or a telecommuter. There are also part-time opportunities in home businesses.

Only you know what you want out of your home business and how much work you want to put into it. You need to consider all these questions when you are choosing from the many home businesses available to find the perfect one for yourself.

Emanuele Miglioretti is the author of the article. http://www.theseriousentrepreneurs.com

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