How to Remove “Recommended” Videos / Center the YouTube Layout!

> How to Remove

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Native Center Google Chrome Extension:

Here is a way to get rid of the new layout in Google Chrome, but it doesn’t work for everyone, including me. Many people have this layout account bound.

Step 1: Open up YouTube and go on your Web Console.
(Chrome is Ctrl-Shift-J, Firefox is Ctrl-Shift-K)

Step 2: Paste this code into the console.
document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=qDpUsBNO0FY; expires=Thu, 2 Aug 2020 20:47:11 UTC”

Step 3: Hit enter.

This layout is also account bound for some, so using the “cookie” fix simply won’t work for those people. This method that I’ve shown works for everyone.

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Track by Approaching Nirvana
“Blocking the Sky” Album – Aurora
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> Set Your Heart Free - Highly recommended!!!

Mooji spontaneously shared this Satsang one evening and requested for it to be shared on youtube within the next few days. We Recommend this Satsang highly.

“You see, this you can put down as the most important talk a human being can have. But only if it is understood. Only if it is understood, and if it is grasped inside the heart, it is the most profound thing you will hear in the human kingdom.”
Mooji, 10th Feb. 2014

This video is a sample of a new Series of Satsangs which will be launched in April 2014.

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kulaBrands™ is a unique patent pending business model, which enables creative and talented, artists, inventors, and authors to partner with a community of likeminded people, who will support them in transforming their visions into reality.

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Our business model, provides the Platform, for Ordinary people, and home based entrepreneurs, to assist project creators, in ALL THREE of these Key areas.

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Technology today, is facilitating greater individual social reach and leverage, and when used to its full advantage, provides a Blue Ocean of opportunity, in which to monetize their activities. This will make it easier, faster, and more likely that a project will have a successful launch into the marketplace.

It is well known, that royalties are one of the ideal revenue sources in the world.

However, until now, royalties have been available only to a small segment of the population. The kulaBrands™ model is opening up an opportunity for large-scale collaboration, in generating royalty income for the masses.

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