Online Marketing Strategies: Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies you could find. It came of age after Google took over YouTube. Why? Because Google began to feature videos on lithe front page of its search engine.

This is a big advantage if you want traffic to your web site. Are you looking for a list building strategy or simply a way to sell your bizop, service or product?. You can’t do better than making a video.

Views love it; Google love it. You should too.

What’s more, it’s become easier and easier to make videos. Webcams, microphones and have come down in price. You Already have web site or blog? You’re all set to go. If not, you can easily build one with the various blog builders around.

Am I pushing Blogs? You bet. They are much easier to build and maintain and again Google like content. As you post notices on your blog, you are going to get noticed.

Here are some online marketing strategies for using video to get that much desired traffic.

Tip 1: Video Squeeze pages

A squeeze or splash page, also know as a lead capture page is the easiest page to create. You need to create a simple form. It’s likely that your web host has such a form creator. If not, simple Google free forms and you’ll find sites that will make and host the form for you. All you need on the form is a First Name and Email.

Unlike sales letters, which can be huge with a lot of detail. The squeeze page’s purpose is just to create enough interest for the potential customer to leave a name and email.

It’s wise to have a good headline and subhead and the video. If you want to add something beneath the video, keep it short, maybe just a few bullet points of what has just been said in the video.

Keep it real. An informal as compared to a professional video might be just the thing for your particular product or service. People what to know who you are and trust you, so it’s a good idea to let them see and hear you.

If you are shy, could ask a friend to make the video or you could just record a power point presentation.

Tip 2: Video Sales Pages.

There’s no rule as to how long or short a sales page can be. People want the full information before they decide to buy. So give it to them.

Your words should come from the heart. Salesy sales pages turn people off.

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Don’t be stingy. You’ll want to give the benefits of your product or service, not just the features. People don’t want to know how many ingredients are in your special skin cream; they want to know how the will look and the confidence they will feel when they use it. That’s a benefit.

Tip 3. Video Testimonials

Potential customers want to know what other people, besides you, liked the product or service.

I’ve seen successful sales pages that were almost all testimonials and most on video.

You might be able to sell snake oil in print, but the voice of the user is far more convincing.

What if your business is new? You’ve had no customers. Give away products to your family and friends. Let them use it an tell you what they feel about it.

Don’t make testimonials up. People can tell when it’s a bunch of stuff written by one person.

Tip 4. The All Video Sales Page

Isn’t that what I’ve been talking about. No. This is a new trend. No printed words, Long sales videos where someone is talking about the product and its benefits and/or shows a power point presentation.

These can be an hour or an hour and a half long and sell like crazy.

I suggest you get a good speaker for this. If you want to do it yourself, start out by learning to s peak. Try Toastmasters.

It’s a great way to go, but you do need confidence for this one.

Gloria Reibin January 27, 2010

Gloria Reibin has a decade of experience in Online Marketing and keeps up with the changes. Learn more about up-to-date strategies at , For easy to build web site with splash pages, sales page and membership options, check out Optimize Press

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