Promotional Marketing Strategies

The promotional marketing is an integral part of the company’s overall marketing strategy where line advertising and promotions budgets are blurring in between. This signals a strong development of promotional marketing for business with their overall advertising budget.

What do you mean by Promotional Marketing?

Promotional marketing is a business marketing strategy designed to inspire customers to make an informed decision to purchase materials for their specific product campaign.
This technique includes variety of promotional activities as such as:

• Contests – There is always something for people to win and have fun claiming prices. This offers an attractive marketing strategy for small businesses to get new clients and create awareness.
• Coupons – This provides an affordable marketing strategy for small business.
• Sampling- This is free distribution of samples. This delights customers and at the same time make, them test and experience the product or service. Giving free samples or products may seem expenses or rings out costs without returns. However, the returns of this activity are through the free advertisement you are enjoying while they continue to carry and show your samples around to other people. This is the bestseller technique.

Creating Powerful Promotional Marketing

Establish your objective and plan your promotional campaign specifically the materials to distribute, the cost, and the discounts. Keep in mind the following questions:

• What is the specific objective of the promotional activity? Is it plainly collecting names as leads or giving discounts to gain bigger customer base?
• What specific market are you trying to penetrate?
• What activity works best for your target customers? Is it coupons, sweepstakes, or free sampling?
• What are the appropriate budget and the quota?
• Is it in compliance with State and Federal laws?

Promotional advertising rewards must follow the guidelines preset by the law. It also states that when you tie up a free offer to product purchase, the price of the product must remain the same. This involves the product, place, price, and promotion aspect of marketing.

Above the line, promotion includes promotion in media such as television, radio, newspaper, internet, and mobiles. This is where the advertisers pay for the ads. Below the line, promotion includes all other promotions such as sponsorship, product placements, endorsements, sales promotion, merchandising, direct mail, personal selling, public relations, and trade shows.

Over time, companies have been exerting effort and putting on many funds to promotional materials and other form of campaign. The regular spending by small and large businesses on marketing is a clear indication that promos do work. Apply promotional marketing to your small businesses and experience a sales boost.

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