This Affiliate Marketing Strategy Works to Make You Money!


After 50+ years in the advice and counsel business, helping business persons, entrepreneurs and professional persons create and develop new businesses, I embarked on this affiliate marketing strategy to help Affiliate Marketers and Web Site owners make money on the Web.

To prevent from overloading you, I selected the 18 cited here. They represent all the general and specific contents of the over 100 reviewed. I hope this Affiliate Marketing Strategy That Works helps to put you into a better web site promotion strategy and increase your conversion rates and profits on the Web.

Affiliate Web Site Marketing is the Internet Marketing way of promoting someone else’s web site on which you are paid a fee or a commission by the Web Site owner every time you cause one of your visitors to “click” or to buy the product of the Web Site you are promoting. It is comparable to how Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Brokers or Fregiht Brokers work.

However, in order to make money you need what I call “Affiliate Website Marketing That Works”. With that in mind, every site reviewed in my website consists of a product or a service or a method to do affiliate web site marketing tested and found to attract high traffic, to result in high conversion rates and to generate high profits for you.


1.-I have Given Seminar on weekends.

2.-I have Co-founded business development “institutes” at many
universities and community colleges from Atlanta to Savannah, to
Jacksonville to Miami and west to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado
and from San Diego to San Francisco; and, even to Mexico and South

3.-I also have enoyed my share of the “rubber chicken circuit” speaking
to chambers of commerce, trade associations, business developers
and adults and students at business schools and colleges.

BELIEVE ME, I never saw anything like Affiliate Web Site Marketing. At first, I couldn’t believe how profitable it could be. When I became convinced, as any good consultant would do, I developed this Affiliate Marketing Strategy and put it to work. I hope you can make it work you and make money with it.

I have written three books on “how-to-build” new businesses. I have a BBA from Texas Christian University and an MBA in Finance from Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

My first business was a manufacturing company in Mexico City. Later, I served as a Senior Commercial Officer in the U. S. Foreign Commercial Service. My wife and I created and operated a catalogue mail order business from home for over 20 years.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? One pleasant day, my sons raised their voices and said: “Dad, why don’t you create an Affiliate Web Site Marketing Strategy That Works and tell people how to make money with Affiliate Web Site Marketing?” Perhaps it was time for it!

SO NOW THAT I AM IN WEB MARKETING, let me share with you the 18 Affiliate Web Sites That Work and will make money for you. When you visit my website you can view the complete list web and my review of each one:

1.-A Great Website Builder makes a great affiliate web site marketing opportunity.

2.-The Health & Wellness Home-Base Affiliate Marketing Opportunity.

3.-A Digital Products Web Site is a goldmine for Web Site Marketing.

4.-Currencies Exchange is an unequaled opportunity for Affiliate Web Site Marketer on their toes.

5.-50+ million people searches per year are a magnificent affiliate marketing opportunity waiting to be had.

6.-Incorporating Service with over 40,000 worldwide clients is actively seeking affiliate web site marketers.

7.-The leading Business Plan writing software is in high demand and looking for good Affiliate Web Site Marketers now.

8.-Exporting and Importing “how-to” and source guide is ready for Web Marketing.

9.-One great source of business capital on the Web is actively seeking and offering Affiliate Web Site Marketing.

To Join or Learn About the KulaBrands Business Model See Full Details and View a Recorded Webinar at Click Here


10.-The Affiliate Automated Cash Formula actually is Affiliate Marketing.

11.-Affiliate Web Marketing PC and Laptop Accessories and Supplies.

12.-Affiliate Web Site Marketing for FileMaker Database Software.

13.-Affiliate Web Site Marketing puts Dell PCs and Laptops as near as your Keyboard.

14.-Affiliate Web Site Marketing for Enterprise IT-Management New Client Development.

15.-Affiliate Web Site Marketing Showcases The Bay At Kino Resort, a luxury planned resort community at Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico on the Sea of Cortes.

16.-Affiliate Web Site Marketing “Blogging to the Bank” 2.0 software to boost traffic to your web site.

17.-Wordtracker is “the tool of choice” for Affiliate Web Site Marketing Keyword research.

18.-Success in Affiliate Web Site Marketing comes easy with the “Dayjob Killer” Google Nemesis blueprint and roadmap software.


1.-Look over these 18 web site marketing opportunities that work.

2.-See for yourself how you may become an ‘affiliate’ and make money that way.

3.-As the Affiliate Marketer, you make real money from your referrals that visit or buy the product of the Web Site you promote.

4.-My focus is about success in your Internet Business simply by affiliate Web site marketing that works.

5.-Compare my focus on ‘affiliation’ with the Web Site owner that requires no or very little investment of your own money.

6.-Choose one or as many Web Sites as best serve your interests.

7.-Affiliate Web Site Marketing works as good for hard goods as it does for software, ebooks and systems.

REMEMBER – you may buy, sell or promote or subscribe for the products or services offered by each Web Site owner. The Home page of each one can tell you if it is for you. All or most are members of Better Business Bureau and accredited by the trade or professional association of their industry.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE other information from time to time, you can up for my “newsletter” which will bring you new ideas, and strategies for Web Site Marketing That Works. My Home Page is listed at the end of this Blog.
Here is to your success,

Felix C. Guerrero
Affiliate Marketing Consultant E-mail: 50+ years consulting to management giving advice and counsel to business and professional persons and entrepreneurs. Since 2007 operate Affiliate Web Site Marketing That Works on

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